Policy Details

Policy Details

Are you tired of replacing your menu holders? We introducing Menu A Fuoco! An innovative, resistant and waterproof menu holder, handmade in Campania, Italy, with selected pieces of wood from all over the world.
The manufacturing process combines technology and design with craftsmanship to provide a timeless work of art that can withstand time and physical wear, while giving a unique aesthetic to your business.


Prices do not include VAT and are valid for a minimum order of 20 pieces.
The prices include all the engravings of your logos with laser technology or CNC router, as well as the internal accessories (screws, wooden parts or steel mechanisms) that fix the internal card of your restaurant menu.
Inner prints can be created by yourself (Inner page template is provided free of charge). If you want the prints to be ready by us, we charge € 0.50 per printed page (4 colors, on 120gr. Fine paper). The design must be provided by you.
If you want both the design and the printing of your menu page we can do it at a cost of € 5.00 per page. Special discounts are offered for orders over 30 items.
Once we have received your order, we will contact you by phone / email / WhatsApp to discuss the specifics of your menu design. We will then send you a draft of your future menu and once you agree, we begin preparing your order.


1. Handcrafted with selected pieces of wood and oil finished in different colors.
2. Environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing process.
3. Durable and waterproof!